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Actually it would be quite simple. In a R22 flown remotely as a UAV one would simply leave the collective lever up after the engine stopped and in few seconds the M/R would stop turning, fail and flail. That's when the chute automatically opens via a switch which is a mercury resisted steel ball in a vertical tube which rushes to one end because of the sudden acceleration downwards.(Same switch as in earlier Emergency Locator Transmitters.)

Understand that in a 'manned' helicopter, it would need a mechanical "switch" because of the rank insanity of a pilot who tried this stunt would logically be unable to "switch" anything with that rush of blood to his head or the existing vacuum there most times, take your pick..

Reminds me of an experiment that a doctor of the brain (psychologist) was undertaking quite some years ago. It was written up in a Bulletin magazine, an Australian old mag, now defunct. His study was to examine the psychological factors that influenced people to jump out of fully serviceable aeroplanes, parachutists.

His method of study, take a parachute course. I still wonder after all this time how he sought credibility from his normal thinking peers for his paper.

Mind you the drivel that abounds in so called peer reviewed global warming articles should be enough to convince me of selected or deliberate lack of accountability in the scientific world...

merry Xmas

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