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Parachute Recovery System

Hello everyone. I'm very green to the PPRuNe network and am trying to do a little research for a class project. I am very appreciative of any and all replies.

My assignment is to develop a system that parallels the BRS system in Cirrus aircraft for rotary wing platforms. This system should be designed as a final contingency in case of structural failure or a failed auto.

For the time being, I am looking at a configuration that detaches the main blades, a la Ka-52 style, in order to allow for main fuselage recovery in any and all attitudes.

I would really like to hear what you guys think about the following...

1) What would be some of the challenges facing such a system from a technical perspective?
2) Would such a system be viable in the commercial sphere (obviously after much red tape certification wise)?
3) Do you think the growing UAV market, especially considering the growth in rotary wing UAVs, would have interest in something like this?

Thank you all in advance for the information!
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