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Rex cancels Christmas

In an interesting move, Rex is not operating a single flight between MEL and Wynyard on Christmas day.

I do find this quite amazing and an indication that Wynyard is suffering from the economic conditions the current alleged Government has precipitated with the "stayin' alive" Green alliance.

QFlink are running a full set of 4 into DPO where it may have been logical to drop the overnighter. From the fare bucket availability the loads for QF to and from DPO can't be high but they are still running the service.

Passenger movements in and out of BWT are currently running at a fraction over half of the QF loads through DPO so one must wonder about the viability of Wynyard. Rex overall is doing a lovely job for investors and producing a good profit in an ugly industry.

If it wasn't for the Tasmanian "I want one too" attitude Wynyard would have been turned into housing years ago.

Does anyone within Rex have an explanation to the zero flight approach? I realise it is generally a low load day but providing continuity of service does count as well.

best to all

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