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No afraid not.

First a cardiovascular event has up to 40% risk of death, so we save 1.2 deaths. The other 60% end up with open heart surgery or angioplasty and the risk of chronic heart failure - being housebound in some cases. And pilots cant fly for say 2 years

Against that everyone keeps telling me about renal failure but I just cant find it. Anyhow it doesnt kill. The risk is of muscle pain - if this happens you stop and it goes away. You also have your liver function tests measured for 2 years by a simple blood test. If they go up you stop and they recover.

So we have to compare death and loss of license and major surgery with ........ muscle pain and a blood test. I know which I prefer. Which is why I and many many doctors decide to take statins even with normal lipid profiles and low cholesterol levels. I cant think why doctors, who hopefully (!!??!!) have the best understanding of the risk benefit ratio, would deliberately poison themselves and damage their kidneys for no reason.
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