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Shytorque, I am NOT implying that ALL ex-military pilots would do such a thing. What I am saying, is that I did not know any better than that the ADAC and DRF preference for hiring ex-mil pilots came from the idea that they were somehow better trained for the job.

If that training includes flying underneath bridges and between trees, I say that it creates an additional risk in a single pilot environment, as there is very litle if anything to stop a pilot form performing these stunts he's so familiar with.

I daresay that I know a number of civilian trained professional helicopter pilots who could handle the job just as well, but somehow there seem to be very few that get in. I do know a few, though.

I did not have the experience requirements at hand at the time, but they were provided by one of the contributors. My question would be: where does someone get the 1000 hrs copilot HEMS if most of the A/C are single pilot? These requirements are still biased in favour of ex-mil pilots.

All in all, this individual pilot caused enormous grief for a family for no reason at all. It does not mean that all ex-mil pilots are likely to do the same, it does however mean that this individual was not picked up by the psychological tests that he had to go through to join the ADAC. So I question the effect of those tests and the entry requirements, that's all.
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