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A few more comments, if I may ..

yes, but not in the case where person doesn't consider facts and vigorously defend his PoV.

I have no problem with folks defending their position. If they are wrong, fine, then one hopes that the discussion can work through to the point where that is accepted and the learning process progresses.

On some occasions, brick walls are maintained and the thread is subject to general loss of interest and dies a natural death.

It doesn't necessarily follow that one who holds whatever qualification or accreditation is the font of all wisdom. Folks should be wary of falling into the trap of presuming such. I'm a chartered engineer, for instance, and know a little about a few things .. however some will attest to my lack of knowledge in a great many areas ... the secret is knowing one's areas of strength and weakness .. and acting accordingly.

Going personal isn't a very good option though

and, generally, is the main reason for the very occasional censoring of posts in this Forum.

Such level of misunderstanding of physics can be insulting by itself

such a comment is a tad precious, I would opine ? Then again, I suspect that you are speaking with a smile so all probably is OK

if a person having that "knowledge" claims to be a person who relies on that knowledge PROFESSIONALLY

in a nominally anonymous website, unless one actually knows the person behind the post, there is an inherent danger in presuming too much about the quality of a given post.
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