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The automotive club ADAC is without any question one of the experienced HEMS operator in Europe, operating 35 helicopter, with more than 100 pilots. With very good working conditions, duty times and pay, the ADAC tried the whole time to be one of the best HEMS operator worldwide. Sponsored by the members of the automotive club the officials gives a lot of money to reach that target. One of the best training conditions in Europe and the highest standards in maintenance and flight operations above the laws should help. But the pilots on the remote HEMS operating bases are making their jobs self or as seen not controlled. After the accident some other crewmembers reported the same or nearly the same stunts to the public. As usual most of the pilots are former military or paramilitary officers. After 2 deadly chrashs at the beginning in 1974 the ADAC started to test the pilots by the german flight and space agency DLR.

@ standto: Be sure, all of their pilots are very expensive CRM-trained. But " it's impossible to construct a idiot proof system, idiots are to smart" !!! (not from me)

@ agl: you are right, the other crewmembers should be questioned about their role in the dramatic accident

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