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Please be aware that the basic RoE in Tech Log include -

(a) posts and statements therein do not have to be correct but they do have to be reasonably polite and civil lest they be censored.

Note that this does not proscribe spirited and vigorous discussion including pointed jousting. However, the essential thing is to play the ball and not the player.

(b) one of Tech Log's underlying values is in education which is why we are happy to let discussions go around in circles for a while .. if they don't sort themselves out, folks tend to lose interest and such threads sink to the bottom of the abyss.

A good way to underpin one's technical knowledge is to be forced to explanation and justification and, in the process, those whose knowledge could be a little shakey may end up with a benefit from the discussion

(c) now, I know the identities of only a few folks on PPRuNe but I do have to say that we are VERY honoured to count amongst our number some very erudite, well qualified, and experienced folk in a range of technical and other disciplines

(d) I note that this discussion appears to be centring around engineering and aerodynamic matters. I would point out that (at least) one of the participants in the discussion is an aerodynamicist whose standing in the Industry is unquestioned. In my view, his counsel ought to be heeded in matters aerodynamic.

Unfortunately I hadn't been monitoring this thread until certain matters were drawn to my attention. However, I will do so from here on in. Hopefully, my infrequent forays into censorship will not be needed henceforth.
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