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sorry i keep forgetting i have to explain everything and leave nothing open to deliberate misintrepration
I said I wasn't going to argue with you any more, and I won't.

But that remark can't go unchallenged. I can't see any evidence of anyone deliberately misinterpreting your posts. We may not agree with them, in fact we don't, but that not the same thing at all.

PPRuNe is full of spirited discussions on matters of physics, science, engineering, aeronautics, etc, which we all enjoy and which illustrate why many of us chose aviation as a career.

But no poster is infallible. Most of us, if challenged by 3 or 4 people who clearly have some background knowledge of the subject matter, would at least be prepared to consider the possibility that we might be wrong, and to listen to their honest attempts to explain the theory and to provide understandable examples to illustrate it.

You might want to pause to reflect on that.
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