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Although, I do generally agree absolutely with you
regarding the irresponsible behaviour of the said
pilot I do think that the incident itself is also
somehow related to the fact that none of the crew
members (paramedic & doc) seem to have attempted
to stop the pilot from doing that maneuver.
The paramedic's excuse "it wouldn't be common to
talk to the pilot in flight" is in my opinion pretty
lame. Besides, it seems to become obvious that such or
similar maneuvers have become kind of a bad habit
amongst rescue pilots-maybe to show how 'hot' they
are and what they are capable of doing with their
machines. At least that's what I've read
and heard from people in Germany reading the local
newspapers. But if rumours about such customs
should really get confirmed it's in my opinion also
clear that other crew members took part in such
maneuvers-either actively by encouraging such
action, or maybe passively by allowing them to happen.
Regardless whether they were only part of it because
of their presence or if they really asked pilots for such
a 'thrill' - those who took part in such maneuvers-for
whatever reason- are in my opinion insofar also responsible
for what finally happend.
Even as non-pilot it should be pretty simple
to prevent the pilot from performing such
maneuvers by telling him that you are going
to talk to his boss.
Cause he's risking his licence - I don't think
someone who's enjoying to fly would really
want to lose his licence.
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