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The discussion about continuing or not after an engine failure on a 4 engine aircraft stemmed from a comment of surprise from someone that the 413 crew were even considering it.

The fact is you can continue.

I'm not (and never was) advocating any particular course of action in this specific case. Wether you continue or not depends on the nature of the failure, collateral damage, company requirements, fuel etc etc. Gathering this information would have taken time and there was nothing to lose in remaining on course for 12 minutes while this information was gathered. They weren't critical for time or certainly didn't appear to be!

As stated before, a PAN call was a choice they made that could easily be downgraded but gave them the priority if they needed or wanted it.

Perhaps some here advocate the following approach to an engine failure after take off, "In the event of an engine failure, we'll join downwind at 1500', remain at take off flap, do what checklists we can, and make a visual approach".

Sadly I still occasionally hear this briefing.

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