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That is why they spoke to company and the company decided that they wanted the jet back in Sydney. If the company had wanted them to continue to Singas, and if the captain felt that the aircraft was in good shape (minus one engine) they would have continued.
Whilst it's nice to be able to talk to the company and get their opinion, and I would certainly take it into consideration to a point, But to be advised to fly away from a major port for eight hours to say Singapore (Brisbane or melbourne I can understand) for commercial reasons after an engine failure??? I know where I'd be filing that advice!

Although I guess it does come down to the culture and policies of the employees company on the day and the pressures put on the crews.

IMHO, at the end of the day it's my name and licence on the line.

EK has had a 380 shut down an engine in the past (due low oil pressure) over Aus, and continued 3 engines to Dubai.
Was that over Australia or was it in Aus airspace over the Indian Ocean?

But RE the curfew, I thought the curfew was for departing off the 34's or landing on the 16's after hours, if you can land/takeoff using 34/16 then you can ?
I think it's an RPT restriction or a aircraft weight restriction for the curfew between 11pm-6am. There is a few exemptions to land no earlier than 5am but using 34.
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