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I have just started a PhD in aerospace engineering. I would leave this at the drop of the hat if I am successful with BA. Do people think I should include this on the application? by the time I come to fill in the application I will have been doing my PhD for a 1.5 months. I also have a BEng and MSc so I more than meet the educational requirements.

I firstly don't want BA to think that I am "overqualified" for the role. Obviously having an understanding of the physics of an aircraft is of benefit, but what I am doing goes far above and beyond what a pilot might come across on a daily basis. There is also the danger that they also might think that I'll be a bit of a "know-it-all". I am also by no mean's a "nerd", a phrase which was coined earlier in this thread.

FYI these prejudice's that I have noted above may be completely unfounded, I am just voicing concerns that I have.

I also don't want them to question my commitment - my willingness to "jump ship" - albeit for my life's pursuit, which could also work to my advantage - showing my commitment to BA.

If someone could enlighten me on this matter I would be most grateful. Do many pilots have degree's or post graduate degree's?

Thanks in advance.
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