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Personally this is what I think.
Aviation today is not what it used to be back then, so for everyone that keeps saying "it shouldn't be any different than any other job", or it shouldn't be done that way, what not, is total bull.
Aviation is a game of luck, OR a rich man's game, that is all.
The number of times I've seen guys that have very poor knowledge and don't deserve the right hand seat is countless, yet they still sit there, and it is what it is.

I know so many guys that went through p2f schemes and now are working regular jobs, what's the problem?
Some of you speak of bush flying, Or ATRs, etc. as if the jobs in Africa are all stacked up. Friend of mine couldn't land a job in Africa in 4 years so far.

If your dream job is to fly, and you have the money, p2F now, fly as a job later.
I'd do it if I had to. Else you won't have a job, and don't forget many others ARE willing to p2f anyway.
Soon there won't be enough p2f opportunities either.

Good Luck

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