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737 are these guys the ones you were talking about? I cant seem to find
another Jetstream...

I'm sorry my friend , i had the info from a guy that told to keep it for myself .

I have enjoyed reading your posts bud. Nice work!
Tanks buddy , yes , actually those from msd are those that have the biggest problems , basically they do a FAA type rating that is much more less than the JAA one

just few days ag˛ i guy i know didn't manage to renew the contract with Lionair , they told him ( via e-mail ) " we are not interested to extend your contract "
so he went personally to ask why and the answer was :
" becouse we are not interested !!! "
so he told him :
" how is it possible? if you are still recruiting FO from the Agencies and there are plenty of FO waiting for company check or to start line training means you need FO !!!!"
After this question he became really pissed and he asked him to live the office ....

Jesus ... what's appening in this world...
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