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Ummmm .............. indeed. 84K is again the starting cost before all the other costs are factored in, and I imagine the starting salary will be a pittance again, but then you are getting into BA and none of Britain's other airlines compare (even if just a decade or so ago the training would have been free).

As for the interviews, there were many women and continental Europeans at last year's aptitude test and team game days, though I didn't see any ethnic minorities. I'm astonished to notice however that not a single one of the faces from my team game day is amongst the photo linked on page 5. I was sure at least one or two of the redundant RAF candidates were guaranteed a slot. Guess we were a wash-out bunch unless there are some in the cadet groups yet to start. Can't say I recognise any aptitude day faces either, but we brushed past a group before us and a group after us on my day, so out of so many faces at least one of them must have been spending their 200 test fee fruitfully.

Can't confirm or deny that Oxford are training more than their fair share (I'm not there after all). Would suggest though that their popularity is down to the slightly misleading promise to return 60K if you fail to gain a licence. The other schools only return 40K, but I seriously doubt that anyone who gets through the BA selection process would end up triggering the 60K payback.

Good luck to those I'm competing with this year, but don't expect much accuracy or genuine help from this blog. With 3000 applicants whittled down to just 96 last year, and the number of spaces and the academic requirements having been reduced for this year's applicants, those of us in the know need to maintain whatever slender advantages we have.
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