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Not sure if posted before or not:
Ryanair jets out of Turku | Yle Uutiset |
@j636. Two weeks ago it was that way. Now we can hear something quite different. According to McNamara (quoted by Turun Sanomat yesterday):
  • Turku routes were quite a success and Ryanair was very satisfied with them
  • For Ryanair it was obvious the routes would continue
  • There is only one reason why Ryanair had to cancel all these routes: Finavia has risen the security charges, FR cannot accept that
  • Ryanair has contacted the Finnish authorities and informed that all routes will re-start if the charges in question return to the previous level
Ive bothered to check what these fees are;
  • 1,00 EUR per pax before
  • 1,20 EUR per pax now.

Btw. Finavia did not rise these fees. The decision was made by Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi).

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