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There are several questions, which need to be answered:
- Main one: Was the CB in off position?
- Why didn't they found the tripped (or switched/ripped off) CB, although it is claimed, that the breakers were checked by F/O and the purser (highly experienced one)?
- As they were in contact with Maintenance, were they asked to check the specific ones (both relevant CBs)?
- If not, was Maintenance able to find this CB on the schematics?
- Was the Maintenance in contact with Boeing? Did they receive information to check the tripped CB?

I believe we all are convinced, that CB was tripped off during approach, although I think we'll never find the reason. I believe the crew checked the emergency gear extension fuse to be OK and they gave the "all CBs are OK" information to the maintenance, which mislead them.

A superior pilot uses his superior judgment to avoid having to exercise his superior skill.
Unfortunately here cpt. Wrona had to use his skills...

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