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Not at all, people who have a CPL IR and no job were naive for parting with 100K without understanding the market.
Air Brake, totally agree not everyone has 100K. Those that funded themselves could not always borrow 100K for a full time course or may have had personal circumstances. The market does change, some people do understand and often reduce their risk as much as possible or sometimes the market changes during training for the worst.

I personally fly with many people that are not from a middle class background and have come from all walks of life, who did not have a 100K or similar, but had determination. Often those self fund the training to reduce risk and pay for the training as much as as possible without getting large loans or debts, whilst working full time.

BA are advertising this when they have many people with experience from other operators they interviewed last year in a hold pool they are now ditching who went through selection.

Its possible someone could do this scheme, get to the end or mid training and still get ditched like those in the hold pool at the moment or worse, be left with debts to pay back in some form or another.

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