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I have enjoyed reading your posts bud. Nice work!

Sorry but i can not help you here, i see lots of cadets comeing from indian MSD as well but i don't know how to contact any agency.
Really?? A lot of cadets eh? I have heard of a lot of these guys not making it past the sim checks. I am not surprised though. The two guys i know who went for gigs at Lion and Sriwijaya would any day struggle to make it past an airline sim check.

No offence but when i think about the quality of guys going for these schemes, i wonder if flying a jet requires much skill at all. Or maybe an accident is waiting to happen?! Anyways, till a couple of months back, the people from MSD and Glorietta were contacting me regularly, offering a "job" in Indonesia. All they got in reply was a stiff middle finger. "Passion for flying" and all those delusions sound good but i need to make money and not keep spending it, especially the money that i did not earn or do not have.

Yes, it's a kind of Psycological reaction, kind of stoccolma sindrome where you love your kidnapper !! I was like that as well but now... after 3 years that banks are continously knocking my door as they want money back, my father feeding my family, i'm a pubblic failure , i can not hide anymore.... so here i am....
From what i have observed, it is just an itch. Got a license but no job......got to do something..........can't think straight...........insecure about what the people around you will think if you quit. And whats worse is that the more money in your pocket, the more itchy it gets After you give in to this itch and spend more(good money after bad) to get a T/R, the itch turns into pain.

Just wanted to think aloud. Thank you for bearing with me.
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