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No real professionals start at the apex of their chosen field. Why should aviation be any different? 200 hr pilots should not start out their careers so close to the highest level attainable in their career path.
One should start a career in aviation knowing it will require some hard work in some poor conditions for a considerable amount of time before attaining the required level of experience and COMPETENCE, to reach the final goal.
People that circumvent the process cheapen the industry as a whole and bring only disdain on themselves.
There are plenty of turboprop jobs around where they will actually pay you to fly. Now you might have to move out of mum and dads house, maybe even to another country, but at least it will be a respectable job you are doing not an expensive hobby that in the long run will ensure you get payed less. Don't be so short sighted.
I've recently heard or companies that are implementing pay to upgrade to captain. Pathetic.
My days flying small planes were the most fun and provided the best learning experiences of my career. P2F is not looked on favorably by me nor any of my peers. Eventually many of us who came up the old way will be in management positions and I don't think those with P2F backgrounds will fare too well.
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