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EMA ... 38 routes ... Over 2.3 million passengers

LPL ... 39 routes ... Over 2.1 million passengers

MAN ... 34 routes ... Over 2.4 million passengers

Seems a bit inconsistent. Must be more flights from MAN.
As far as I know it will be 7 aircraft for East Midlands, 6 for Liverpool and 5 for Manchester in 2013. East Midlands and Liverpool do not have a great deal more flights other than those operated by their own based aircraft, (although East Midlands has seen less of this recently). The routes from Manchester on average operate at a much higher frequency and are a large number of services operated by aircraft based elsewhere (effectively making it a similar size to something like an 8 aircraft base with no flights by aircraft based elswhere). Manchester also serves a lot of city routes like Brussels, Dublin, Milan and Oslo which fly at least daily other than the 3 or 4 flights per week you get on most routes from East Midlands and Liverpool.

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