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Yup. You inherit a legacy IMHO. The Tories in my country have inherited a terrible mess How long it takes to repair is a subjective judgement. Some of the RWS I remember saying immediately post the last election he owns it now, he's responsible for it.

I have to agree with you on that. Yes the current administration did inherit a terrible, god awful mess from 13 years of worse than mal-administration (NB the coalition inherited it).

Yes previous governments do cause problems that can last decades, we here in the will see damage for another 25 years plus on the NHS due to Gordon 'prudent' Brown profligacy with PFI and putting huge costs off balance sheet. the immigration problem will last decades, if not it has screwed the pooch permenantly..

conversely, yes obama did inherit some problems from bush, but also bush inherited some problems from clinton (the us posters have made these points before)

what i glean from the posters is that obama hasn't lived up to not only electorate expectation, but also his own presentations and obama is setting up the USA for a host of problems that will take the USA decades to recover from, if ever.

Obama has been a similar politician to TB, more infatuated with his own brilliance, spin and smoke and mirrors. in other words a politician of gloss over substance. media control and presentation akin to propaganda.

by virtue, americans are a people of progress and action based on their constitutional rights. can you fault them for that ? in respect of a fairly young country that virtue has developed the US to achieve what it has and its potential is being lost over time due to politicians more in accord with their own presentation than action and progress.

many americans want to see the economy develop by virtue of work and reward, not by dint of government hand out. heck, LAJ you have seen the damage that attitude has wrought on the UK and the EU.

many can see obama's failings and the potential damage to be wrought on the US if the wrong decisions are made. the UK is a fine example.

i'm sure that romney will be pilloried and chased out of town with an electoral noose if he screws the country up.

obama hasn't lived up to his promise or his promises and here comes a fork in the tracks...
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