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LAJ, the only person being told to get lost was someone starting to talk about Global Warming and how Obama must be elected to restore ecological balance. He was told to get lost and go where that subject is discussed ad nauseam So don't exaggerate an make it as if somehow he was ousted for his political views, on either side of US politics. This was just utter rubbish, and it does not belong here.

As for who is and who isn't here, well you know damn well that last time around there were many who were absolutely flabbergasted asked that anyone could even suggest not voting and supporting The Chosen One. Where are they now? Most are gone. Where is jcbmack, GetTheFlick , Sunray Minor, captain stable, El Grifo, low flier... These are just a few I can remember who were on your side, I think. I can go on. And this is even before we take I to account the 200,000 screaming Germans.

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