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My dear LOAJ:
I notice the wolf pack tell you to mind your own or we don't care what you
think outside of the USA when they don't like what we write
Speaking for myself, I come to PPRuNe to see what others think and why they think their thoughts, even those commenting on the US political scene.

What chaps me is when those non-Americans who cannot vote think they have the right/obligation/hutzpah to tell we Americans how to vote. Have an opinion? Great. Explain why you think that way. It is the height of condescension to think you can tell an American how to vote.

The fact that you like Obama is interesting as are the reasons why. The difference in perspective from someone who can only view the system with his nose pressed on the glass while the Americans decide their fate is amusing as well.

It is utterly inconsequential when it comes to me casting my vote, but it is interesting nonetheless.
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