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Such an important tone Sir. I'm sorry to have taken some of your time.

Again, if you go back and read it, it is nothing to do with Captcha. It is a compatibility issue with Chrome and apparently Safari which account for about half the worlds internet browsers. It is about Ryanair having a really, really crappy website which delivers a nasty user experience and is now actually turning customers away. All in the name of cost savings no doubt?
You are the one adopting a high handed tone. I merely pointed out in my reply that MOL's appearance on Hardtalk was discussed when it came on air, and secondly that the Captcha issue was also discussed at length when they introduced it.

You then asked me to re-read what you said. I had already made it perfectly clear in my reply that Captcha and broswer compatibility were separate issues.

Ryanair's website has been well documented, and discussed at length by numerous so-called usability experts who point out what a terrible site it is to navigate, and just how horrible it looks.

Well let me let you into a little secret which the twitterati won't tell you - crap web design works! It is no different to those horrible sales letters with lots of red text and bolding - they work.

I wish they didn't. I wish Ryanair's website was easier to use. I still hate Captchas. But guess what - when they are selling me a flight for 10, I think I can tolerate all of this junk, just like I do on the flight.

If you don't like it, you can always go and book with Easyjet - they have (imho) a much nicer website, (imho) nicer planes and a nicer inflight experience.

But FR also have a base at BHX, U2 don't.
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