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Three differences I see to IAD. GRU gets four more hours. Doesn't seem like much on paper, but can make a HUGE difference when you have trouble sleeping, need to get yourslf up in the middle of a rest, tire yourself out again, then catch some more zzzz's. Two, it departs at a good time for the operating crew outbound. Three, its a closer timezone to Dubai, and I think (sorry cannot remember exactly) that in winter the sun doesnt set at 4:30p like I know it does in DC...that will knacker your sleep pattern as well. And people did complain about GRU, they changed the timings awhile back to avoid the traffic and it made a difference.

And that post regarding precedent vs That thinking is mind boggling. What's next, Atlanta? Miami?

I'm done with this thread. We are our worst enemy. I want to be fresh and safe for my 15-18 hrs duty. Thats not too much to ask.

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