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If Cathay hired foreign nationals for their cadet programme back in 2000 I would have applied and taken almost any crap contract they offered.

If you can't afford to pay for a flying licence and you get in to the CX cadet programme then go for it.....I mean how else would you get to follow your dream of flying ?

It's a feakin expensive career choice if you got to pay for it yourself.....

The guys that moan (including myself) about the CX contract have options elsewhere (which is not a bad thing)......generally if you don't have options you don't complain....CX will never not have enough applicants as the world has an abundance of willing and capable people with little or nothing (and would only be to happy to sign on the dotted line for free pilot training)...especially in Asia.
IMHO this is happening everywhere. The days of legacy carriers paying A/B scale salaries are numbered.
In 12-15 years the cadets of today will be captains.....the question is will they afford the lifestyle of the current A/B scalers ? I think not !

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