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You sound like the moralist among moralists. I first assumed you were ex raf and been arround in this bussiness for ages. If so, I would partly understand your anger, HAVEN'T!!

From many of your previous posts it appears that you are 33 years old and been in WF for less than 1,5 years. I hope you don't share your hostile attitude with your colleagues in Wf.
I can tell for sure that the majority of them DON'T share your hostile attitude towards low rang " low cost pilots". I do agree that what's going on in DY is a disgrace and has to be stopped. However, the guys that have been in the company for years are on quite good deals and many of them are ex sas, braathens, wf, raf etc. I guess from your Ivory tower you are considering them as the same low level pilots as the rest?
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