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Sooooo, how does asking me personal information, on a public forum going to assist other people? Asking me what other airlines I have worked for before, will make if very easy for anyone that has worked with me, to identify me, or when you fly with people, do you never talk about your past? And just like you "Blade" I prefer to stay somewhat anonymous. I appreciate your concern about my future welfare but fortunately so have a lot of other ppruners that have the foresight to use a bit of discretion... Just so you won't have to go away empty handed, it was Cebu Pacific that has recently made all the expat Captains redundant. Now, "Blade" I'll be standing by for the many many reasons that information will assist others from that employer. It's well known, to all that joined, it was a part time job and we were all for the most part treated very well. I'd highly recommend them to anyone needing experience on the A320 and there are at least a half dozen ppruners that I've assisted in joining their ranks. I'm sure if they are out there and see this, they will attest.

And luck is not needed in interviews, but preparation and non-conditional assistance of others is.....
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