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I don’tthink there’s anything wrong with any of you personally or professionally nomatter where you work or what type of entry into the business you did.

What socalled major airlines have the most problems with today is lowering their cost.A contribution to make a lower difference in cost between them and the lowcostairlines is the following: Train young pilots yourself and don’t employ fromlowcost. This will, even if it takes time, higher the cost of lowcost airlines.It also will bring turmoil into these airlines, sooner or later pilots will befed up by nickels and dimes. Even the young guys without family and house,hoping for an eventually better post will be fed up after some years.

This is notmy opinion but I believe this is one the arguments why “major” airlines traintheir own pilots. And I believe this practice will increase.

I alsobelieve this is a good argument that all pilots no matter where you come from,needs to stand together. It will hinder the “major” airline pilots to sink tolow cost level and it will hinder the “low cost” pilots from being stuck withnickels and dimes.
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