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It's nice how you're all going at each others throats. Probably just want the airlines want these days. As long as the pilots are fighting each other, then there's no worry of any united front being presented.

The fact of the matter is that, no matter how many people you try to stop from doing P2F, pay for type rating, pay for training, there will be hundreds more you can't stop.
Of course it's a bad thing, it's the single most idiotic thing existing in this industry for pilots right now (at least imo), but is the right way to go about it to attack the low-time pilots who choose this option? Imo no.

The only way to really change this, is to change the rules/regulations, to safeguard a minimum of T&Cs, and/or strengthen the pilot unions to be able to stand against it. The problem lies in the fact that, if one union in one company is able to force the company to stop, it wont really matter when 2 other companies have managed to throw out any unions, and are by that 10x as competitive in pricing, causing the other companies to go belly up either way.

You can sit here and shout at all the low timers accepting lower and lower pays, accepting P2F, accepting type ratings, but it's not going to stop it.

But to stop myself from regurgitating what has been said already, I'll just stop here.
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