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Ahhh, now I understand how having to work on days off correlate with traffic delays out of Manila. Thanks for setting that straight. And if you regard September as months well I can certainly accept that also. Don't worry sky master, all the experienced expats will be gone very soon and you and the rest of the locals will have Cebu Pacific all to yourselves. Good luck my friend. It's been an enlightening and at times, enjoyable experience.

Skymaster. I hope you realize I'm having a bit of fun with you. The experience in the Philippines is one I will treasure as you and the rest of the pilots have been gentlemen and shown us expats the highest degree of respect and comradeship. My bit of negativity is directed toward Mr Mark who has so little regard for the pilot force.I have been and always will be a big fan of the Filipino pilots that are the driving force behind Cebu Pacific (and not to mention the excellent location of the simulator). As new expats join the ranks to gain experience, I hope you enjoy the same excellent philippine experience as we outgoing expats enjoyed.

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