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I had the same in the past: 26 hours ground time after around 13-14 hours block time where a killer. I tried everything but at the end of the day I was dead tired. Sleeping after arrival, wake up too early after a solid sleep- stayed awake until or short before wake up call and got tired during the early stage of the flight. Stayed awake longer after arrival, overdone it and could not get sufficient recovery sleep before departure and woke up after a short time, mostly thru the help of housekeeping who started to work at normal hours whilst we sleep in theire opinion at odd hours for them.

Contacted the Company about that problem as a Expat.... see belows solution.

Answer of Crew Planning was= It is legal..... Answer of Chief Pilot was= We have difficult times. Written reports where good for the stack.

At the end of the day I gave up on the higher money and fly from home again, 20 min to the Airport to drive, sleeping in the own bed by 29 days per month again, also terrific.

Flying becomes too cheap and the screw is not tight enough yet, budgeting is around everywhere and the beancounters love to squezze a little more out of the lemon. When is bottom reached? There is room left, I am sure.
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