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Sorry PP, your first comment was a little glib. If I had understood your feelings on it then I would perhaps have phrased differently.

I did fly with a Captain just like you say, he also didn't speak much English - came from an Eastern european school of thought. After one day I told the Flight Ops Manager that I wouldn't fly with him until we shared a language - definitely not ICAO 4.

I agree with you, what I've noticed is that the integrated guys come to their Command training and just don't seem to have the decision making capacity that you only get from flying on your own and so appear to really struggle initially. Is this your experience also or is it more a personality thing? If so, what difference does MPL really make over Integrated?

I wish the old way of flying Modular then some TP time, then on to big jets was still there. Mostly because I'm a TP driver
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