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A mpl holder will by definition never have had command of anything. 1500 hrs of checklist reading do not a captain make.
Bit sad that's all you think the FO is there for. I certainly don't just read the checklist. I'd hate to fly with a Captain that thought this way - how horrid.

As for the MPL - I'd be very surprised if the MPL provides you with much more in the way of Airmanship/Captaincy or handling skills than an integrated fATPL course. My understanding from the Training Captains is that by in large most integrated students need plenty of basic flying skills training to get them up to scratch. I wonder if any experienced training manager has commented on this?

Personally I think the MPL is an excellent option for people who are guaranteed a job at the end of it flying larger aircraft for a big airline. I still think that those people with many more PIC hours make better pilots at least in the early part.

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