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There are a lot of posts about mpl, you just need to use the search function on the right top of the screen. Anyway I'm going to try to explain you in a little resume how MPL works. With the MPL you'll be able to fly only multi crew airplanes, thus it's usefull hold this kind of license if straightforward the end of the training it has been assured an employement with an airline. The big flight training schools obviously permit to get trained as a MPL cadet, if you only access into some cadetship with an airline company as flybe and easyjet do, because you have actually an assured job at the end of the course and you can reach the miminum requirements to get a full ATPL License working for this airline. Basically your training is going to be under the supervision and in a way which the airline, that you are going to work, prefers and after 1500 hours that you fly the multi-crew aircraft which in you are specialized for, you gain a full atpl license, and you finally become a full air transport pilot as anyone else and eligeble to be an aircraft captain and so on. So the point of the situation is that a MPL without an airline assured employement is a useless license.

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