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Cebu just doesn't respond to emails. The girl in the office gets hundreds, yes hundred of emails enquiring about jobs and her attitude just doesn't lend itself to respond. What's the current situation?

All the expats have been given a termination notice of 90 days. Most have been given the option of signing back up under local terms but as we know, that really doesn't cut it as we aren't local, our families don't live here, and they are also taking away the commuting roster so you'll only have 15 days a year in which to visit your parents and friends even if you can talk your wife and children to come over and live "local" style. This mean no A/C and riding the jeepney since your pay as a Captain, after you pay taxes will be less than 5K USD per month. ( try maintaining two household on that ) Plus, unlike a local, you are working at the graces of the visa people and that is hit and miss. you will have to get your own local license, no more validation. If you're starting out as an FO, now that is a good deal. If you have any time whatsoever you can probably plan on the left seat in less than a year. This is according to some guys that were recently hired. the level of experience here is very low so when you do make the left seat, your skill level will rise very quickly since you'll be flying a 320 solo. The FO's are trained as well as possible but we all know that you can't learn flying from a book. If you email the HR dept, don't expect a reply and you won't be disappointed. You really need to know someone. So, in a nut shell, the management, mainly Mr. Mark B, has decided that Cebu can get highly experienced Captains, to fly brutal schedules, with FO's that have a few hundred hours of flight time and don't want to be told anything by an expat Capt. And for that, you'll get paid 5K per month. Oh, and one final tid bit. you're only allowed to have 8 days off per month maximum since the pilots shouldn't have more time off than the office workers. So, during the busy times, if you're pushing the 100 hour limit, rostering will DH you to a city 45 minutes away and have you sit for 3 hours and then fly the trip back. Just to make sure you don't get an extra day off to rest.It's a great job for an inexperienced pilot to build time and upgrade rapidly. The people you work with are fantastic. But, it's rough duty and not for the light hearted. Good luck!
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