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I dont get it. I interviewed in March, got good news 1.5 weeks later.
2 weeks after that I got the contract for FO A320. Than placed in the pool.
Why is there a big time diffrence from people to people. Some waited months for good news and contract and others a couple of weeks.
Any ideas on what QR base this on?
Happy Flying,
Welcome to the randomness that is Qatar Airways.
Qatar Airways have an organised chaos principle. It works by selecting the candidates that actually are close to the top of the pile or who require minimum training first then if you are lucky in the ocean of chaos, then you will get called.

My advice. DONT wait for the golden goose to lay its magic egg that will fix all your career dreams and jet fantasies.

Apply for many jobs, if one offers you the position before QR then TAKE it or give serious consideration too it.

QR training is average at best. Poor in alot of area's. (read previous posts) and you may NOT even pass your training!

People, stop dreaming $$$$$ and live your live. The QR fantasy is not what it seems (can be good, but is certainly balanced with ALOT of bad).
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