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That was in Bondi

I wish it was in a nice area. Bondi is ok but the flat was pretty tired and on a busy road. A decent 1 bed in a decent area in the city or close by was $2200-$2500 a month. $500 a week in Sydney isn't that much these days. The point I wish to make is everywhere is getting more expensive these days. I don't need a big place as there would only be two of us living there. I think a big problem in Australia is our obsession for having houses with rooms we never use. I have a friend who lives in 4 bed house and has no kids! He also has a study and a games room.Why?

In regards to the car I had to keep it because Sydney public transport was not up to par at all. If the train or bus ever did turn up (after dark especially) it would have some drugged up idiot onboard screaming his head off and threatening people. I have experienced public transport in HK and found it efficient and pretty cheap. If I was in HK I don't think I would need a car anyway.

As for buying in HK when is ever the right time?

So if I do come to Hong Kong and can get over having to live in a small flat (shoe box) without a car in a tolerable area like DB is there anything else I should look out for?

I thought those girls in the bar in Wanchai were school students wanting to practice their English?
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