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To Adam

Hi Adam,
Just wondering, are you a filipino dual citizen??
I dont see why you wouldn't have a shot as an ATR FO. I currently am an ATR FO for 5J & I managed to get in on 1000 hrs, all from instructing, on C152's & Piper's I might add. I had a CPL, with multi ifr, & before this, was unemployed for 2 years.
Exactly this time last year, I just started my type rating in BKK. A year later, I'm thankful everyday & still can't believe where I am now!
If anything, maybe have a little bit of twin time on you first.
My sim partner got in on 500, & even though he struggled a little bit more, he still managed to get through all the training.

As long as you show you have the commitment, know your stuff, & show that you have the skills as well, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to get in. I have heard our chief can be a little tough on the sim check, but still a really nice guy!
As far as I know the next FO intake on the ATR won't be until next year, as they are focusing on cpt's at the moment, but whatever you decide to do, good luck with it all!!
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