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The benefit


The USD conversion I had on my post was for my benefit not yours. I realise a lot of guys on here have been in HK for many years but I have no idea what normal is in HKD so I have to convert it to a currency I know.

Betpump5 comments that everything apart from food and socializing can be halved sounds a bit more like it. I assume the rent is around right after a look on Squarefoot.

I am trying to get a realistic picture of cost of living in HK because there seems to be a lot of people on here claiming they have to eat packet noodles to survive due to the SO wage being so inadequate. I am starting to think this is either not really the case or some people have very poor budgeting skills.

Thanks for the help and if I do get a job with CX I will be leaving a fair chunk of the forgivable loan in the bank just in case the tax man does come knocking!
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