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In response to crwjerks "one size fits all and let me put you all off" budgetary requirements, let me add a more realistic view.

Apart from the socializing and the food, everything else he has priced can be halved, maid not needed.

In terms of tax- very loose and inaccurate figures here- as usual from the naysayers. If you go onto the hong kong tax calculator and type in 552'000 hkd you will find that you are not paying anywhere close to 15% tax for the year.

In the spirit of prune ( where anyone can win an argument based on THEIR own figures) let me add some interesting comparisons.

The starting salary including monthly allowances is an easy 50'000 HKD per month. This is equal to 3950pm or $6400pm.

Let us use sterling for some comparisons. In uk we can use 30% tax made up of 20% income tax and 11% national insurance. Therefore you will be earning the equivalent of 4500 pm or 54510 per annum- first year salary.

This is frankly not bad- if we can for one split second play devils advocate and understand Cathay have no reason to recompense us for the fact that HK " can be expensive" then you ain't doing to bad.

WARNING- my post is just a positive eye opener. There is one basic thing you need to remember: the package is not good enough for those with 1500 hours+, and purely a short term job for newbees.

1500 hours guys- you are worth more than CX and don't you forget it. Do not lower yourselves to this paltry insulting offer.

Newbees- best gig in town for the short term I.e 6 years. Get yourselves the rating, some right seat time (1 year is sufficient) , enjoy S.E Asia and staff travel then F**k off somewhere else.

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