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Letter in today's Luton on Sunday from the infamous John Tucker, who writes something without fail in a local paper every week.

"Sir - I was sitting in my dining room on Friday, September 14th. It was 6.09pm. Suddenly I heard screaming jet engines. I jumped up, went into the garden, to see an easyJet plane flying over.

It was about 200ft above the ground. Its engines at full throttle trying to get some height. What was it doing flying so low?

This is why I don't want Luton Airport to expand. I don't want a jet crash landing on my home."

He continues further babbling on.

Surely this comment is a big tissue of lies? Anyone who know's Luton will know his location of Bracklesham Gardens is no where near the flight path for departures or arrivals. It is about 2 miles from Runway 26.

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