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I have to confess LTNman,

When I see some threads in these forum's I suddenly go into 'counteractive mode' which has resulted in me no doubt being HALE and LADICANS worst nightmare? If there is one thing I can not stand it is misinformation, which appears to be a trate by both groups spoke- person's! As an example I have observed this morning that all Wizzair arrivals have followed the route descending to the north of Luton before landing on runway 08. Departures resulted in the usual easterly departure route and so far not one single Wizzair has gone any where near Harpenden!

Then there was an article from a senior manager at London City who claimed that it was ridiculous that the likes of Southend, Luton, Gatwick etc are designated as London Airports yet are not in London. I wonder if he would quote the same sentiments to the LCY departing passengeres prior to them reaching their destinations at airports not actually in the cities they claim to serve? However I pointed out that the runway at London City is less than 5000 feet long and under ICAO is officially regarded as a STOLport!

Anyhow I don't consider any of my responses being offensive but admit I like the banter.
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