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Welcome back one11

May I make this rather belated welcome back to the thread to one11

You are quite right, the rules have changed since you last were a regular and there was at times some angst over the (unwritten) rules!! I an effort to help new players, skytrain10 collated an agreed set of ""Guidelines" and these can be found on the AH&N main page as a "Sticky" under the "What Cockpit and What Aerodrome latest lists".

The basic principles and intentions remain the same, but with a dwindling numbers of players, many of whom are in far-flung parts of the world, it seemed rather silly to "Stall" the thread for many hours when an answer could easily be verified by another member and seconded by a third; in recent times, even this has relaxed a bit, so that the last stage can be replaced by an incontrovertible web link or similar. Also the silhouette only requirement has been relaxed, so that is probably more like it was when you played before!
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