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Yes there are jobs.

I left the RN in 2011. With 1 year to go to tx I had nothing from about a million job applications.
With 6 months to go I had 6 job offers.
With 5 months to go I was back to no job offers.
With three months to go I had 2 new job offers plus one of the earlier job offer was back on.
One day while I lay on the beach in Cornwall I got three corporate job offers by phone in the space of an hour!
I eventually left expecting a 6 month wait in a pool which then became 12 months.
Luckily one of the corporate jobs I had turned down gave me a 6 month contract while I waited in the pool.
Now employed by a very large LHR based airline on an Airbus and all is good. They will almost certainly be recruiting again next year...

It is a hell of a roller-coaster, but yes there are jobs for ex mil, even Rotary/Turboprop guys like me.

Don't pay to fly.
Have some self respect.
Network network network.
Actually make an effort on those horrendous interminable online application forms.
Get your written sections proof read by somebody clever.
Look at your skill set.
What can you do that a 200hr hero cannot possibly do?
Be prepared to move anywhere to get that first civvy job, even Afghan etc.
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