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Firstly I'd say with your attitude you will get somewhere. A few times in the past ex mil folks have come here demanding a job because they were in the military and are so much better than anyone else. You seem to have a more realistic outlook.

Jet 2 has been mentioned above. The only hiccup is the ex Bmi baby guys, who are quite rightly all being lined up. However in their last round they recruited a broad range of experience levels, making them IMHO one of the safest uk airlines in terms of pilot recruitment policy.
Flybe, good job but you will join in RHS on terrible money in a long queue for the LHS. And right now they seem to be slowly and surely taking cadets.
Eastern should be a dead cert for you dec. but go with your eyes open. I know many people there, not one of whom likes it.
Surprised Cathay not in touch. They seem to be actively taking cruise pilots. What about Dragonair? Again look carefully, the packages are fairly poor, especially if you have family.
What about corporate? Vista jet seem to be slowly snapping up people with a few thousand hours.

Maintain morale!
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