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Hi dude ,

Welcome in the arena , left the Air force at 26 with 2000h mixed with light aircraft outside of work and most of it on fighters for the rest .

Main problem is that some airlines will tell you straight no , or "good stuff for you" concerning the hours , got it before and trust me going back in the chain after sweeting to go through the training and get your wings ...
Same feeling , some of them hire but want after to consider you as a cadet ... could make sense without experience on type but no sense regarding overall experience and especially the type of initial training we received which is miles away quality wise from a standard civil training ...

But well disappointing feeling but will pay 'cause total hours are here and help to go a bit more quickly through the process once inside the airline .

Once again welcome in the arena , i realized afterwards that my best times were now behind on the wall of the Sqn :-(
Cheers .

A la chasse .
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