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frank appraisal
It's a lottery. You might consider whether or not you want to take the calculated risk of being in the 'lucky' pile of CV's.

Your TT will be attractive to some, no need to limit yourself to the NG or Bus operators in my view. How about corporate/Survey/freight in the interim?

I career changed at 40, managed to aviod the 'unlucky pile' and have not looked back (except for the salary drop, seperation, anxiety, multiple PFOs etc.) and would take the same gamble again.

Flying medium jets, very enjoyable but moderately aware that the airline can hire someone someone half my age and on less than half my salary to do the same job.

Some airlines recruit a mix of new and experienced aviators to offset turnover as their pilots move on to bigger equipment/salaries and it is these sorts you will need to count on.

Good luck with your decision.
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